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So I first heard of Tamsin and Rudy about 7 years ago. I knew of them as the people behind the extremely succesful Unskinny Bop, a London club night in which it didn’t matter  how you looked or who you were there was something for everyone, it was like going home…and I consider myself extremely lucky and honoured that I’ve gotten to know them a little bit better and to be able to feature them on my blog.


So, you run unskinny bop which is one of my first experiences of diy culture in london and body positivity which I remember blew my mind! What made you start it and what does the future hold?

Rudy: We wanted to create a space where people could come and dance their hearts out and not hide in a corner, and we wanted to actively encourage fat people to come and take up space and feel great about it.

Tamsin: We started our night in 2002 as part of Ladyfest London. For the last nine+ years it’s been a monthly queer disco in Bethnal Green. We only play music we love and we revel in odd juxtapositions. My personal favourite in recent years was Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson into My Generation by Patti Smith. We play everything from country classics to r’n’b new and old, quite a bit of recent pop, 60s garage and soul, a bit of rap, disco, riot grrrl, punk, power ballads.

When did you first know you were queer and more on the masculine/genderqueer spectrum?

R: I knew I was a homo aged about 15 I think. The masculine thing is more difficult to pinpoint. I used to dress frequently in boys clothes as a kid and had a regrettable mullet hairdo etc. but I also wore dresses and make up sometimes right up until my mid 20s (never ever heels tho, obvs). Now I wear almost exclusively “men’s” clothes, and I can’t really imagine myself wearing a dress or like shaving my legs or anything. It seems like the right thing for me now. I guess I gradually realised that I feel way more comfortable when at a complete and obvious remove from femininity. Not to say that I have anything other than love and respect for the incredible femmes of the world who are actually a constant inspiration to me. It’s just that “femininity” for me always felt like a constraint rather than an expression. I’m thinking about reclaiming the somewhat unfashionable “butch dyke” identity for myself, keeping it old school!

Tamsin full lengthT: I knew I was queer around the time of adolescence. I had enormous girl crushes on my schoolmates, teachers and Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns. In terms of my gender presentation, it has fluctuated between boyish and less boyish throughout my life. I was a tomboy as a child and played a lot of football. At university I rocked the spiky crop, baggy jeans and white Nikes – it was Bristol in the late 90s… Then, in preparation for moving to London after university and trying to get a job and become a bit more grown-up or something, I grew my hair below the ear and wore a lot of twin set cardigans and polo necks in an attempt at librarian chic. But as I approached 30, I got my hair cut short again and felt it really suited me. I’ll never go back. Since then I’ve deliberately cultivated a more butch look and I’m much much happier in myself as a result.

When did you start getting tattooed and what is your favourite and least favourite tattoo?Tamsin pheasant close up

T: It was about seven years ago I think – our friend Xtina Lamb drew two matching swallows for me and Rudy which we got a few months apart at the now defunct studio Tusk in Covent Garden. Since then it’s spiralled into a bit of an obsession and I’ve now got about 15 tattoos, eight of which were in the last year! My favourite is probably my panther by Mark Cross or pheasant by Philip Yarnell. The panther signifies strength, and the pheasant is for my dad. I haven’t really got a least favourite – even the rubbish ones are special.

R: I was in my late 20s by the time I got round to getting tattooed, which means I was wise (/square) enough to be quite fixed in my taste. As a resullt I don’t have a least favourite – they are all my beloved babies, even the red heart on my arm which is based on a Tegan & Sara album cover (seriously) and was once mistaken for a birthmark. My favourite one changes day to day, but for today let’s say the best one is my gay sailors – two super cute faggy sailors in classic outfits with moustaches holding hands. It was done by Stefano at Frith Street Tattoo and the reference for it was a couple of paintings of sailors by Evan B Harris, whose work I love generally but especially his images of very tattooed super masculine but also really soft and cute looking sailors. Mine are called Rudolf and Thomas, and they are basically alter egos for me and Tamsin.

How has your tattoo style evolved and are they at all influenced by you lot leaning towards a more masculine spectrum?

R: I honestly don’t think they’ve evolved that much, I think I have two quite specific strands – one very old school traditional sailor type tattoos in black and grey, and the other a more cut and paste type of look like you would find in a zine. I don’
t think they are influenced by masculinity, they are all either just images I like looking at and/or have some deep tortured emotional significance, ha ha.

T: Yes, being tattooed definitely is part of the whole masculinity thing but I wouldn’t be able to tell you which came first – becoming more butch or the tattoos. Initially I got a lot of Unskinny Bop imagery, designed by our amazing friend and collaborator Alex Creep. I’ve got tattoos of several drawings by Alex from Bop flyers, zines and posters. Alex’s drawings were in turn based on artwork by another of our amazing friends and collaborators, Bill Savage. In the last couple of years I’ve also developed a bit of an obsession with traditional American old school as well as precise, antique style black linework, and have started collecting tattoos by my favourite artists.

Rudy top half


Lets talk about style-who influences you and how do you put outfits together?

R: Hmmmm, influences would be: teenage skater boys, Elliot from E.T., all the super cool queers of my acquaintance, various music based subcultures, Tamsin telling me my reds don’t match, whatever I happen to be thinking about on the day I get dressed. Putting outfits together…I try and figure out my mood and which me I want to project that day I guess. I am not the most dedicated of people when it comes to fashion though, so I usually just throw some clothes on and if it looks ok go with that.

T: Hmm. This is an issue for me as I love a whole bunch of different looks but I find them difficult to achieve on my actual body. Dressing masculine tends to require a flat or flattenable chest, which I do not have and the upshot is, I own a lot of black t-shirts.


Favourite item of clothing or accessory?

T: Now this is a hard call as I collect trainers, mainly Vans and Jordans. I have many many pairs that I spent a long time tracking down — but I would say maybe my black OG Jordan 3s are my favourite. They are the only pair I’ve doubled up on, at least… Clothes-wise, this summer I wasn’t  seen out of a pair of H&M men’s jersey track shorts in a pleasing charcoal marl.

R: Dill pickle boxer shorts, they are just so pretty and funnRudy chesty without being gross. They are light grey with green pickle pattern. They were a gift but I believe came from Old Navy in America. Also my original Zombina & The Skeletones band t-shirt which I think I got the first time they played in London at the Bull & Gate in 2001. It’s a black t-shirt with a winged skull logo and looks like something a hell’s angel would wear. Sadly, it now has a hole under the armpit but I won’t stop wearing it until it falls apart.

Rudy seated

How does dressing the way you are and having ink make you feel?

R: Um, well I look much more obviously like a freak now than I did a few years ago and I am really happy about that. I feel like having lots of ink, and presenting as very visibly queer has really helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin and actively take up space in this world as myself. I am so so lucky to have the resources at my disposal to be able to present myself in the way I want to, and that I have enough security in my job to get away with being able to do that pretty much all the time.

T: I am very pro all the infinite varieties of queer presentation and embodiment of gender. For myself, I don’t identify as trans so I guess female masculinity might be the most appropriate term for how I want to present. I consciously decided a few years ago to mark myself out as queer. Before I got tattooed and cut my hair short I would pass as what we call ‘normaltone’ on the street, and I just had this horrible feeling whenever I was out that (cismale) strangers (a) assumed that I belonged in their sexual universe and (b) perceived me as a failure within it. For years I felt undermined, mistaken. Now that I look more queer, I get less unwanted attention, and at the same time I experience an active allegiance with other queers on the street, and I feel very happy, liberated even, about both of these things.

What We’re WearingBoth cute

Top: American Apparel

Shorts: Cut-off old Cavaricci jeans from Torrid

Shoes: Vans Chukka x Dave’s Quality Meat


Top: vintage (pop up vintage store on Berwick Street in Soho)

Jeans: vintage Lee Rider from eBay

Shoes: Vans Authentic (red rouge speckle)

“chubby” badge” : from Scottee’s Hamburger Queen event 2013

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I’m Not Dead..I’m In Herne Bay

So a few weeks back I was looking on ASOS women again (normally I obsessively look at the guys section)  when I stumbled across some dark navy dungarees. 

Now I have not worn dungarees since I was 15 when I used to live in some light denim short dungarees,some nike air max shoes and a cleopatra haircut.This was captured in a short horror film called “The Murderer With The Nail File” or in greeklish “O Dolofonos Me Ti Lima”. Anyway I always thought that dungarees would not work well for my figure but surprisingly enough they really compliment my masculine physique in a fruity gay boy kind of way which works well for me!
Most of the images in this post are from my day away for a Duchamp poetry event my friend was reading at in Herne Bay. The weather and seaside were beautiful and perfect for dungarees and vibrant shirts. The food was so so and the residents were rather strange and possibly a little perplexed by my short hair and heavily tattooed exterior!
In these images I am wearing ASOS women dark navy wash dungarees,black Dr martens 101’s,Rio party shirt vintage from Beyond Retro,burnt rose ASOS men denim jacket and my “Play Dirty” Undefeated trucker hat.
 In further news!! I am excited to announce that I am opening up this blog to more people with diverse fashion styles,gender identity and tattoo art. If you think this is something you may be interested in please email me here thesissyfit@gmail.com and we even have our first contributors coming up. They are two bodacious babes with great style and tattoos! I cannot wait till you guys get to see there feature!xxx
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Jeans…I find that because of my body shape it has always been a pain trying to find something that fits just right.I am of medium height and build.I don’t know how many times I have been told that my hips are that of a child bearing strong greek woman-it makes me feel weird each time.Recently however I have managed to wear mens jeans from uniqlo and womens jeans from marks and spencer that work well with my body shape while still remaining gender neutral enough.For a while now I have had the desire to wear a lighter coloured denim with a more high waisted shape so when I saw the asos womens acid wash “mom” jeans on sale I took a risk and I think it has paid off.Here i am in my casual hang time pink american apparel t-shirt,black speckled fisherman jumper again by american apparel,the blue/gold undefeated trucker hat, the acid wash jeans and my black 6 eyelet dm’s.I had a wonderful afternoon of watching Orange Is The New Black (Laura Prepon is so dreamy)and eating food with my friend Emma.


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New Beginnings

So recently I got evicted and it happened in quite a painful way.I was very stressed about it because I don’t only have to think about myself but also my rabbits and my cat.I have finally managed to find a new home where we can all go and it promises to be an amazing place that creatively will enable me to move forward.So as they say in with the new and out with the old!Lets toast to new beginnings with a mammoth summer blog post.

You not only get to see some of my summer shirts but you also get to know about how I feel about tattoos and transmasculine fashion.

Enjoy xx

ImageHere I am after I have just tried poutine for the first time ever wearing my navy blue and gold Play Dirty cap by Undefeated,my black Nike Blazers,Marks and Sparks finest white socks and black shorts and a womens blouse that the pattern was called ” summer daze”found on the vintage section of etsy.I had to remove the shoulder pads when I first got it.


1.When did you first start getting tattoos?

 When I first moved to London from Greece coming up to twelve years now.I had long hair and dressed as my friends would put it like a middle aged woman so the more I realised I was gay and the more I got involved with gay culture I slowly slowly started getting piercings and tattoos.My first one was two arrows facing opposite directions and the second one a sideways question mark.Both designed by me,done around the time of my 20th birthday and after I had a dream about them.So a good 7 years ago possibly longer.
 2.When did you first know you where queer/trans?
I knew I was gay at about 15 which lead to a series of failed coming outs in the last several years.One specific phrase I will always remember is “you can’t be gay at 21” as said by my mother.I didn’t realise I was queer till about 2005 and trans till about late 2007/early 2008 but it has been a learning process.I think I was not ready until recent years to be more receptive/aware of trans issues/queer culture.Altho these things are a big part of my identity they are not the only things that define me so my view is very relaxed on these matters.
3.How has your tattoo style evolved and are they at all influenced by you leaning towards a more masculine spectrum?
Well when I first started I got tattooed on me friends drawings and simple black work.After that it was more Sailor Jerry classic inspired ink.It will always have a soft spot for me.I started a half sleeve in 2005 that has remained unfinished but I like it as it is.I may one day get it finished but at the moment I am happy with the way it is and how other standalone tattoos fit in around it.In later years I have become more bold with my choices so a lot of strong line work and bold colours.Using images I like like anatomical models,pineapples,great outdoor themes and strong male figures such as an angry victorian gentleman that eerily resembles my dad!
The more I embrace a masculine spectrum i’d say the images I get on me are more of male figures rather than female figures because I aspire to that and find delicate not too harsh masculine images very dreamy.I also find the strong bold images on my body contrasting and complementary at the same time to my very womanly physic and feeling so camp inside.
4.what is your favourite and least favourite tattoo?
My favourite tattoo is my little pineapple on my shin.I love pineapples and the colour is so bright!It just makes me happy every time get a glimpse of it.My least favourite is my rib tattoo which was a drawing of an ex best friend and also done when drunk!It is a woman/horse/motorbike and I strongly dislike it because it does not in any way define who I am anymore.I am hopefully going to get a cover up of it in the future.
5.Lets talk about style-who influences you and how do you put outfits together?Have you always been this fashion savvy?
Ha!As I said earlier on I used to dress like a middle aged woman!Over the years I think my style strongly relied on friends and lovers I was with.It was not until I met people that had great colour,fabric or strong fashion,artistic sense that I learnt from them and now can put together an outfit that best defines me.Some days I have down days,mostly before I go to work that I just chuck on any old thing that is available and I used to be able to never leave the house without washing or doing my hair but now I am more relaxed about it.I can be dirty for an extra day and wear a hat if my hair looks bad.Getting a good haircut also helped!
When I look at models and other stuff tho I would say I tend to favour effeminate looking male models or a more skater relaxed New York style on women.Strongly favouring 80’s items.
 6.How does dressing the way you do/having your ink make you feel?
Well until recent years I used to have a more dykey look,then since identifying more trans I started sometimes wearing a binder or compression bra and that emphasised my broad shoulders and a more chunky masculine physic which I love and it has given me more of an opportunity to sometimes wear tighter clothing that emphasises my waist or bum area more.I would say that I am very visible.I find that on a daily basis people question my gender and either fear or admire my heavily tattooed body.Sometimes the feedback is very positive and other times it is negative but looking so masculine and being so tattooed is the most at home and real I have ever felt.I am not just my appearance tho I am so much more and I want people to look at me and be like hey they are cool wotever gender they are and i’d like to be there friend.Thats all.
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Recently we have been having some very warm and sunny weather and I am glad I live in an area of south london full of fresh air,birds and trees.I am so much happier there than the little cramped flat I used to live in,in north west London.Yesterday reminded me of being on my dads boat in Greece and sailing it out to remote beaches to bbq with good friends(once the sea sickness had subsided ofcourse).So yes we had a bbq on the most amazing little portable bbq by Carhartt and a friendly queer basketball match in the courts outside my house and for a few hours I pretended we were all the cast of Dawsons Creek.Cuter faces,queers and less dramatic.
In keeping with my all american babe theme my outift today consists of my “caring for bears”blue t-shirt as found in a charity shop for a £1 by an ex partner,my amazing Franks Australia zebra swim trunks,green tube socks,vans overspray and ofcourse my Roswell UFO crash recovery trucker hat.


You even get to see my little pineapple tattoo(I am obsessed with them) as done by the amazing Rose Whittaker at Haunted Tattoos,London.

And remember when frolicking in the sun cover up all your awesome ink in lots of sunscreen xxx


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