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Jeans…I find that because of my body shape it has always been a pain trying to find something that fits just right.I am of medium height and build.I don’t know how many times I have been told that my hips are that of a child bearing strong greek woman-it makes me feel weird each time.Recently however I have managed to wear mens jeans from uniqlo and womens jeans from marks and spencer that work well with my body shape while still remaining gender neutral enough.For a while now I have had the desire to wear a lighter coloured denim with a more high waisted shape so when I saw the asos womens acid wash “mom” jeans on sale I took a risk and I think it has paid off.Here i am in my casual hang time pink american apparel t-shirt,black speckled fisherman jumper again by american apparel,the blue/gold undefeated trucker hat, the acid wash jeans and my black 6 eyelet dm’s.I had a wonderful afternoon of watching Orange Is The New Black (Laura Prepon is so dreamy)and eating food with my friend Emma.


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