New Beginnings

So recently I got evicted and it happened in quite a painful way.I was very stressed about it because I don’t only have to think about myself but also my rabbits and my cat.I have finally managed to find a new home where we can all go and it promises to be an amazing place that creatively will enable me to move forward.So as they say in with the new and out with the old!Lets toast to new beginnings with a mammoth summer blog post.

You not only get to see some of my summer shirts but you also get to know about how I feel about tattoos and transmasculine fashion.

Enjoy xx

ImageHere I am after I have just tried poutine for the first time ever wearing my navy blue and gold Play Dirty cap by Undefeated,my black Nike Blazers,Marks and Sparks finest white socks and black shorts and a womens blouse that the pattern was called ” summer daze”found on the vintage section of etsy.I had to remove the shoulder pads when I first got it.


1.When did you first start getting tattoos?

 When I first moved to London from Greece coming up to twelve years now.I had long hair and dressed as my friends would put it like a middle aged woman so the more I realised I was gay and the more I got involved with gay culture I slowly slowly started getting piercings and tattoos.My first one was two arrows facing opposite directions and the second one a sideways question mark.Both designed by me,done around the time of my 20th birthday and after I had a dream about them.So a good 7 years ago possibly longer.
 2.When did you first know you where queer/trans?
I knew I was gay at about 15 which lead to a series of failed coming outs in the last several years.One specific phrase I will always remember is “you can’t be gay at 21” as said by my mother.I didn’t realise I was queer till about 2005 and trans till about late 2007/early 2008 but it has been a learning process.I think I was not ready until recent years to be more receptive/aware of trans issues/queer culture.Altho these things are a big part of my identity they are not the only things that define me so my view is very relaxed on these matters.
3.How has your tattoo style evolved and are they at all influenced by you leaning towards a more masculine spectrum?
Well when I first started I got tattooed on me friends drawings and simple black work.After that it was more Sailor Jerry classic inspired ink.It will always have a soft spot for me.I started a half sleeve in 2005 that has remained unfinished but I like it as it is.I may one day get it finished but at the moment I am happy with the way it is and how other standalone tattoos fit in around it.In later years I have become more bold with my choices so a lot of strong line work and bold colours.Using images I like like anatomical models,pineapples,great outdoor themes and strong male figures such as an angry victorian gentleman that eerily resembles my dad!
The more I embrace a masculine spectrum i’d say the images I get on me are more of male figures rather than female figures because I aspire to that and find delicate not too harsh masculine images very dreamy.I also find the strong bold images on my body contrasting and complementary at the same time to my very womanly physic and feeling so camp inside.
4.what is your favourite and least favourite tattoo?
My favourite tattoo is my little pineapple on my shin.I love pineapples and the colour is so bright!It just makes me happy every time get a glimpse of it.My least favourite is my rib tattoo which was a drawing of an ex best friend and also done when drunk!It is a woman/horse/motorbike and I strongly dislike it because it does not in any way define who I am anymore.I am hopefully going to get a cover up of it in the future.
5.Lets talk about style-who influences you and how do you put outfits together?Have you always been this fashion savvy?
Ha!As I said earlier on I used to dress like a middle aged woman!Over the years I think my style strongly relied on friends and lovers I was with.It was not until I met people that had great colour,fabric or strong fashion,artistic sense that I learnt from them and now can put together an outfit that best defines me.Some days I have down days,mostly before I go to work that I just chuck on any old thing that is available and I used to be able to never leave the house without washing or doing my hair but now I am more relaxed about it.I can be dirty for an extra day and wear a hat if my hair looks bad.Getting a good haircut also helped!
When I look at models and other stuff tho I would say I tend to favour effeminate looking male models or a more skater relaxed New York style on women.Strongly favouring 80’s items.
 6.How does dressing the way you do/having your ink make you feel?
Well until recent years I used to have a more dykey look,then since identifying more trans I started sometimes wearing a binder or compression bra and that emphasised my broad shoulders and a more chunky masculine physic which I love and it has given me more of an opportunity to sometimes wear tighter clothing that emphasises my waist or bum area more.I would say that I am very visible.I find that on a daily basis people question my gender and either fear or admire my heavily tattooed body.Sometimes the feedback is very positive and other times it is negative but looking so masculine and being so tattooed is the most at home and real I have ever felt.I am not just my appearance tho I am so much more and I want people to look at me and be like hey they are cool wotever gender they are and i’d like to be there friend.Thats all.
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One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. So sorry to hear about the eviction! It is always extra-stressful when there are others little beings that depend on you.
    I adore your colourful pineapple too! So fun! I’d love to see some detailed pictures of some of the tats you mentionned. 🙂

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