Recently we have been having some very warm and sunny weather and I am glad I live in an area of south london full of fresh air,birds and trees.I am so much happier there than the little cramped flat I used to live in,in north west London.Yesterday reminded me of being on my dads boat in Greece and sailing it out to remote beaches to bbq with good friends(once the sea sickness had subsided ofcourse).So yes we had a bbq on the most amazing little portable bbq by Carhartt and a friendly queer basketball match in the courts outside my house and for a few hours I pretended we were all the cast of Dawsons Creek.Cuter faces,queers and less dramatic.
In keeping with my all american babe theme my outift today consists of my “caring for bears”blue t-shirt as found in a charity shop for a £1 by an ex partner,my amazing Franks Australia zebra swim trunks,green tube socks,vans overspray and ofcourse my Roswell UFO crash recovery trucker hat.


You even get to see my little pineapple tattoo(I am obsessed with them) as done by the amazing Rose Whittaker at Haunted Tattoos,London.

And remember when frolicking in the sun cover up all your awesome ink in lots of sunscreen xxx


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