One Terrific Mom

So. I finally came out to my dad at the ripe old age of 28 and it’s proving problematic, so to break with the monotonous and uncomfortable pace of the last couple of days, I invited Bethany over for my storecupboard special dinner. She brought me parma ham. As I have been moping around in my pyjamas for the last few days, I decided to dress up like a Brooklyn skater boy for her visit, in my favourite Roswell Crash Recovery Team cap, salvaged from a charity shop, and my One Terrific Mom ’80s t-shirt as found on Etsy, tube socks – a staple for my transmasculine style, also very comfortable – and my overspray Vans from the ASOS sale that I absolutely love.


This is me potentially sitting on some fox shit.



2 thoughts on “One Terrific Mom

  1. Frances says:

    HI I’ve been stalking your style through Bethany’s various social media homes so I’m super stoked you now have your own blog. x

  2. I do hear fox ordure is most rejuvinating to the derriere ;). We want more posts! Keep it up! X.

    Comtesse Sofia

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